How to Write a CNC Lathe Program with CNC Code Shooter

   How to write a CNC Lathe Program with CNCCodeShooter

   This page is under construction and is a first draft

   1. I like to draw the part first so if I have problems I can start over and I haven't lost much.
   To draw a part go to the Draw tab.
   Enter a name for your Drawing layer and choose a color. Different colors make it easier to differentiate between layers.
   Each layer is one turning operation i.e.(OD or ID)
   The pattern has to be drawn from the same start to finish direction you are going to cut.
   Grooves and threads have to be programmed on the programming tab
   Select the radius button then input 11 in X start, 0 in Start Z
    input 11.5 in X end, -.25 in end Z. Then input .25 radius and select counterclockwise
    input 11 in X start, 0 in Start Z from the drop down box
   (You have to select radius first for the drop down box and radius to be visible)
    then press the draw button your first radius should show on screen
    Notice that the end points are now in the start boxes
    Now select the line button and input end points X11.5 Z-2.0
   Press draw and the line will show on screen
   Now select radius,input X11.75 and Z-2.125 for end points .125 for radius select clockwise
   Press draw and the radius will show on screen
    Back to line and X13.0 and Z-2.125
    Press draw and the line will show on screen
    Now select radius,input X14.0 and Z-3.125 for end points 1.0 for radius select counterclockwise
    Press draw and the radius will show on screen
    Back to line and X14.0 and Z-6.0
    Press draw and the line will show on screen
   The pattern is finished now we select OD and end layer
    Now hopefully you have created your first pattern
   I am going to add an ID layer it is included in the Session file download

   2. Program number - the program number can be put anywhere but for this example we will put it first.
   Go to the programming tab & start program sub tab
   Input the program number without the letter O
   You can also add comments here, normally the description of the operation.

   3. TOOL - Next we are going to input the first tool info
   On the Tool tab go to the general tab input work shift G54 is the standard work shift
   Gear range M41 is usually low gear Check your machine info for this.
   We are going to use M04 (spindle reverse) constant surface footage(G96) and coolant on
   Now go to the tool sub tab here we pick left or right hand and or type of tool.
   For rough facing and turning CNMG is pretty much standard, You can use one tool for both.
   We will use a left hand tool in spindle reverse so the insert is up, making it easier to change.
   Now we go to the finish tab. There we input machining description(Rough face Turn).
   Input tool description if it is not input already
   Be sure to input tool radius(.031), Max RPM (500), surface speed (450)
   tool number (1) and offset number (01)

   3. Next we approach the part go to the Rapid X Z sub tab under the Programming tab
   Input 1 on the Z side and press send or just press the Z1. button

   4. Now go to Face Cycle tab We are going to assume a 14.5 OD
   Therefore we will input X rapid to 14.6 to account for run out or oversize material
   Next input z rapid to .3 then retract amount .03 depth of cut .06
   Leave stock in Z .02 Leave stock in X0 Feedrate .012
   Z position to face to 0 X diameter -.06
   Select Rough canned cycle G72 then press send
   5. Now clear the part Go to Rapid tab Input x22. then send then z5. and send

   6. To rough turn the OD go to cut layer tab
   Input X rapid to 15.0 Z rapid to .1
   retract amount .03 Depth of cut .12
   Leave stock in Z .01 leave stock in X.03 feedrate .015
   select Rough canned cycle G71 and then choose the OD layer and press send

   7. Now clear the part go to the Home tab select none then X home button
   Now select M00 and Z home button to send thhe machine home in Z and stop the machine.
   Now go to save session and save the session this should be done through out the process.
   Choose a processor under setup and processor tab Choose bigclausing for this example
   It is a two line fanuc control
   Go to make code tab and select make code then run the program.
   Hopefully you will have a good program. You can download the session file at the top of the page.
   That is all for today I hope to add more here soon

   Please check back soon as we are still working on this page and will be updating it soon.

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