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Our Program CNC Code Shooter has several clean awards because we will never have adware, spyware or viruses in our program.


The examples below show how to install CNC Code Shooter.
These examples will show you how to make the program run successfully.

Currently you can use this program for free!!!


If you follow the examples you will notice that you must select Run as Administator for the program to run properly.

Windows will say this program may harm your computer, it won't. Our program has no malware or adware! Click more info and run..

When you download the program and install by double clicking on CNC Code Shooter, click next until you reach the screen that says launch program. (see example below)
do not run program from the install process.


Uncheck the launch program box and finish with installation, Close the install. (see example below)

To avoid having to set the program to Run as Administrator every time you open CNC Code Shooter you can right click on the program icon on the desktop and select properties. (see example below)

Select the compatability tab then select to Run as Administrator. This way will remain set up to Run as Administrator and you won't have to set it up every time you run the program. (see example below) This process will make the CNC Code Shooter run properly.


Then click apply button to save changes.

You can also run program by clicking start button on task bar select all programs then select CNC Code Shooter. 
Right click on CNC Code Shooter then select Run as Administrator. (see example below)This process you will have to set Run as Administor every time you run CNC Code Shooter.

Download CNC Code Shooter


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