CNC Code Shooter Downloads

Our Program CNC Code Shooter has several clean awards because we will never have adware, spyware or viruses in our program.

The examples below show how to install CNC Code Shooter. These examples will show you how to make the program run successfully.

New version has Tool Simulation in Pro Lathe

Upgrade now to the latest version for Linux. It assumes mono is installed at usr/bin/mono
When you download the program place it on your desktop. It has one script in program directory you can double click on. (
It has another you can place on your desktop and double click on.
You will need permissions set to executable for both scripts
Right click the script-> properties -> check - Allow executing file as program
You also have to set script as executable under Nautilus -> Files -> Preferances
Under Behavior Check "Run executable text files when they are opened".
Save session is disabled on the trial version.
This is our latest version for Linux.
If you have problems please contact us at support @


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