About CNC Code Shooter

    My name is Randall Ellison I am the sole programmer for CNC Code shooter. I am actively working on this program but I have a full time job programming CNCs. The program is getting better quickly and I would like to hear from you. You can Email me at RandallEllison @CNCCodeShooter.com. CNC Code Shooter Mill and Lathe now together as one program and is designed by a Programmer and Machinist with 30+ years experience in machine shops.
CNC Code Shooter is a machine G code generator and Backplotter and is designed to make your job writing a program and sending it to the machine easier.
You will be able to generate a G code program for a particular machine, preview the code while creating your program, edit it, save it and watch tool path simulation, then send it to the machine and be ready to run your machine in
just a matter of minutes. You will also be able to open a file, save your program, print out the code, and send the code to the machine, you will also be able to receive the code from the machine as well and watch tool path simulation on proved out program.






Exciting new upgrades to the program as we strive to continue to make CNC Code Shooter a great G - Code Generator and Editor.
Many great upgrades include combining mill and lathe into one program with many improvements throughout. Added engrave, improved the communication tab, many updated tabs throughout the program as well.
The latest upgrades includes Automatic Code Generation for dimensional patterns and tool simulation in Lathe Pro.




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