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Buy CNC Code Shooter for only $24.95.    Major Upgrade Version 4.4 - Mill 3D tool path & Lathe program with Tool Simulation

Added Automatic Code Generation for Dimensional Patterns and more. Download the latest Version 4.4
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New Version 4.4 just released with Mill 3D tool path. Click on the link in the menu bar to download.
Check out the New Free CNC Code Shooter Feed & Speed Calculator link in the downloads. This will work on both 32 and 64 bit Windows Systems.
Linux Version 4.1.7 just released Click on the Linux link under the Downloads tab to download it.


CNCCodeShooter is seven programs in one.  A great upgrade has been added to the program. Version 3.8.2 has added Tool Simulation in Pro Lathe. The version 3.5.4 has limited functionality for workshift G55 - G59 so if you are running two vises, you can now see the program run the two different vise patterns. A CNC Mill code generator, a CNC Lathe code generator, a mill path graphical display, a lathe path graphical display, a communication program to send the program to the machine, a mill print maker and a lathe print maker. You will get free upgrades for 2 years, extended help with graphics, help videos, e-mail support. The newest version updates include; Automatic code generation for dimensional patterns, a new process on send and receive, added find and replace all, added ramp, enhanced GUI, limited engraving, scroll side to side and to end of page, updated tool tab in Mill Shooter and partial radius in Lathe Shooter and various other bug fixes throughout the program.
For the experienced Programmer / Machinist who knows how to program the machine but just doesn't want to write the code out line by line.

The new upgrades and improvements include:
Mill and Lathe put together,  Automatic code generation for dimensional patterns,    added ramp,  enhanced GUI,    added new tab, pattern milling,    added find and replace all,    support for G92,   taper per foot instead of angles,  Mic Over Balls,  New new tool set up sheet,  Pre set Rapids,  More Machine Processor files,  New Radius,  Finish Grooves,  New Lathe Path and Mill Path upgrades    improved help pages,     and much more.     Download the latest version today and check out the new improved program.

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You must have the .Net 2.0 Framework in order to run this program, click on the link here to download the .Net Framework 2.0 redistributable packageand install it onto your hard drive. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish with the install.
You will also need to have your monitor resolution set to 1024 x 768 to view this program properly.

Click on the picture below to go to our videos.

Special Offer - For a limited time Buy CNC Code Shooter V. 4.3.7 for $24.95. Now Mill and Lathe are together in one program.
You will get free upgrades for 2 full years, extended help with graphics, help videos, e-mail and phone support.

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e-mail us at:

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